A perfect design requires a broad imagination, an innovative vision, creative ideas and flawless execution ability. ABART ARCHITECTURE realizes all these stages by scrutinizing with its expert project team in order to achieve the perfect design in building design and renovations. After the designing phase of creative solutions, it remains to emerge in a master’s hands using first class materials and systems. Each new project is a new excitement for us as well as our customers.

Before the exterior design and sheathing process in the buildings, an estimate work is carried out for building preliminary work. Priorities and special conditions of the structure such as location, age, current durability are determined. The type of exterior wall coating models and panels are determined and the alternatives are listed. The application process is started by choosing the most correct sheathing method in accordance with the technical specifications of the exterior wall of the building.

Building exterior wall applications are a building repair work carried out in order to minimize the negative effects of climatic conditions on living spaces. It also contributes to the strength and longevity of the exterior walls.

The structure of the building whose the thermal insulation is applied to its exterior wall, the anatomy of windows and profiles, the altitude of the building, the seasonal conditions of the province where it is located, the sheathing materials used in the body structure of the building, the number of floors and height of the building, how many flats on each floor and even its location to other apartment blocks on the street where the building is located are among the important parameters to be evaluated in terms of sheathing performance. ABART ARCHITECTURE follows up all these options from the project design stage to the delivery of the work and determines the most appropriate technical materials and application methods.

Coming to the question “How much does this process save?”, a question that is very curious for those who want to have an exterior wall coating application. It can be said that an average of 40% to 55% of energy savings will be achieved after the correct material selection, and the project design and application stages carried out by a professional team.